What’s My Skin Type? We’ll help you figure it out!

For anybody just getting started, skincare can be a little daunting. How do I know which products I should be using? Where do I even get started? What even is my skin type?

No need to worry! We’re here to help. At HelloBody, each of our product lines is designed to cater to the unique needs of different skin types. All you have to do is figure out what kind of skin you have! And of course, we’re here to help you do just that.

As a general rule, here are how our skincare lines align with different skin types:

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So which of these should you be using?

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What Is My Skin Type?

Normal Skin

Individuals with “normal” skin don’t generally experience many breakouts and are lucky to not expect your skin to react too negatively to variations like changes in weather conditions and trying new products. Your skin is taught and generally even.

This sounds like me! How do I take care of it?

Many of us wish we could be this lucky! Having “normal” skin means that you’re able to really dive into skincare products and experiment freely without worrying about excess oil/ adverse reactions to specific ingredients. Really, if you have normal skin, you can shop around freely and find exactly the combination of products that make you feel your best!

Dry/ Dehydrated Skin

While the two sound very similar, Dryness and Dehydration are actually two distinct conditions! You can see our full blog post about the difference here. This said, the short answer is that Dehydration refers to the lack of water present in the skin whereas Dry Skin refers to a lack of important oils and lipids in the skin.

While Dry Skin is its own unique skin type, dehydration is a specific condition that can occur in all skin types. (Yes, even oily skin can experience dehydration!)

How can I tell if what I’m experiencing is dryness or dehydration?

  • Dry Skin often experiences flakiness, sensitivity, itchiness and cracks. It may be caused by lifestyle and environmental factors or by a chronic condition (in case of eczema or related conditions).
  • Dehydrated Skin may feel tight, have a papery appearance or show small, fine lines when the skin is pinched together. You may also notice darker under-eye circles, itchiness and skin dullness. Dehydration is not a chronic condition, and requires products that will help the skin retain moisture!

How do I take care of my Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

To care for dry skin, you’ll want to help replenish the necessary oils and lipids by using a rich moisturizer and similar products like those found in our COCO Pure Moisture line. Be sure to avoid using harsh soaps or products that contain citrus oils or excess fragrance.

To care for dehydrated skin, look for water-based products like those in our ALOÉ Hydra-Glow that will help your skin retain moisture and the hydration its been missing! And of course, always drink lots of water!

Oily Skin

You’ll know if you have oily skin if your skin always seems to have a bit of a glow! It’s possible you’ve noticed that makeup doesn’t stay on in exactly the way you’d like it to, or have taken to referring to your skin as “greasy.”

This is an entirely normal skin type and essentially just means that your skin has an excess of the oils and lipids that naturally exist on your skin!

YES! So how do I control the shine?

Those of us with oily skin are always looking for what many refer to as “shine control.” Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our ROSE Pure-Balance line was designed specifically to cater to more oily skins as the products work to help balance the complexion and control the excess oils.

You still need to moisturize and hydrate your skin, but be sure to avoid oil-based products that are more likely to clog up your pores.

Sensitive Skin

Perhaps one of the easiest skin types to identify, sensitive skin tends to react adversely to a number of external factors/ aggressors and is more likely to take a longer amount of time to “adjust” to new skincare regimens/ products. You’ll know you have Sensitive Skin if you find your skin flushing easily, experiencing rashes or bumps often, or being particularly reactant to harsh fragrances.

How do I take care of skin like mine?

With Sensitive Skin, you have to be extra cautious about the products and ingredients you explore. We always encourage anyone with sensitive skin to try products on small patches of their skin to first test their reaction before they fully commit putting products all over their skin.

Our CARA Strength & Protection line was designed specifically for sensitive skin. Made with soothing ingredients that protect against external aggressors and common pollutants, CARA products provide a layer of protection between your skin and the outside world.

Combination Skin

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Honestly, I’m definitely all of these…” then you most likely have Combination Skin! It’s very common and simply means that your skin is a bit more nuanced and has qualities of more than one skin type! It’s totally okay, and it gives you the freedom to do a bit more exploration with your skincare routine!

Great! So how do I care for my combination skin?

Like oily and dry skin, stay away from ingredients that are alcohol-based. The priority here is balance and avoiding excess oils, so our ROSE Pure Balance line is the best fit! And above everything, invest in a TONER. Your skin will thank you- and it’ll be an absolute game-changer for balancing your skin’s pH levels!

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