Maskne Set

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The set to complete your anti-Maskne arsenal.

Face masks are here to stay, but maskne doesn’t have to! This set provides your skin with the ultimate blemish-fighting products to keep your skin refreshed and clear under your face mask. The ALOÉ Wash will cleanse your face while hydrating it, and the CARA Relieve will gently re-balance the pH of your skin. Follow-up in the evening with our ROSE Divine clearing serum to reduce impurities and inflammation. Use our COCO Wow Pink Clay mask once to three times a week to thoroughly cleanse your pores and eliminate toxins.

Not tested on animals*

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*Testing on animals has been banned from the EU since 2009 in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

US $129.96 US $109.99 excl. tax
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