Jana Kramer and HelloBody Bring You: Hello PEACHY

HelloBody and Jana Kramer- 1

HelloBody & Jana Kramer have teamed up to bring you our newest product launch! We are proud to present: Hello PEACHY! A new twist on our classic COCO Kiss Lip Scrub and COCO Rich Lip Balm, the PEACHY duo is your one-stop shop for enviably soft lips!

Jana Kramer, actress, ACM award-winning country music singer and New York Times best-selling author, is a long-time HelloBody beauty. Jana, who is well known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series, One Tree Hill, loved the idea of putting her own peach-flavored spin on her favorite HelloBody staple, and we couldn’t have been happier about how the collaboration turned out!

So, officially, meet the HelloBody by Jana Kramer collaboration: the PEACHY Kiss & Rich!

HelloBody by Jana Kramer

The PEACHY Kiss is a sweet and tasty lip scrub that is made with sugar grains. In addition to eliminating dead skin, this lip exfoliator helps smooth and regenerate your lips! The peach-flavored shea butter in the scrub ensures that your lips won’t become dry as a result of exfoliating.

The PEACHY Rich contains all the ingredients you need to thoroughly moisturize your lips. Its peachy blend of olive oil, coconut oil, and organic rosehip oil work together to preserve and to improve the elasticity of your skin. It moisturizes over time, and manages to smooth even the driest, most chapped lips!

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Wondering what other products Jana absolutely loves?

The PEACHY Kiss & Rich are also joined by our new specialty set: Jana Kramer’s Favorites! The set includes our PEACHY Kiss & Rich, the CARA Look Illuminating Eye Cream, the ALOÉ Drops Daily Face Glow Booster, and the CARA Relieve Anti-Irritation Face Toner.

We sat down for a conversation with Jana to ask her a bit about her collaboration with HelloBody, her skincare, and what she’s up to!

A Conversation with Jana Kramer

HB: What inspired you to pursue a collaboration with HelloBody?

Jana: The products! They are clean and effective and they make me feel good about what I’m putting on my skin. I love the fresh scents that HelloBody uses and love how they’re always a little different from everything else I’ve tried! I’ve also been having so much fun exploring the new ROSE line and love knowing that I can trust the products and their ingredients!

For me, it’s all about having clean, healthy products that actually work. A good skincare routine gives you the confidence to feel your best self- and it doesn’t hurt to have glowing skin!

HB: What tips would you give to someone who is just starting to get into skincare?

Jana: Research what’s in products! So many skincare companies use ingredients that aren’t great for your skin; and it really makes a difference in the long-term! I would also say to “date the company” first. Give things a try that you might be a little intimidated by- like a toner or an AHA exfoliator. I used to never think I needed either of these! But then I started using HelloBody and realized how much dirt and makeup I really hadn’t been getting off of my skin.

HB: What are some tips and tricks you have for using your favorite products, particularly those in the “Jana Kramer’s Favorites” set?

Jana: I’m always playing around with the products to see all the different ways I can incorporate them into my routine. I use the CARA Look for my under-eye makeup. It has a shimmer on there that helps with any dark circles and instantly just makes me look refreshed. The same goes for my lip balm. If I’m wearing a lipstick, I add the PEACHY Balm over it to create a more glossy look. I especially love to use the ALOÉ Drops to create a more shimmery look on my cheekbones.  

HB: What other products have you been working on? What are you most excited about?

Jana: I’ve been so busy lately! Aside from the HelloBody collaboration, I also have a pajama loungewear line, Jolie & Jace, launching early this winter! I’m also really looking forward to my new movie, A Welcome Home Christmas, which is premiering on Lifetime in November.

More than anything though, I think I’m most excited about having launched my book: The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully. Writing it was an extremely personal process which took a lot of time and self-reflection, so I’ve been so happy to hear from readers who have identified with my experiences and have found the book helpful!

HB: Congratulations on the book launch! What inspired you to write The Good Fight?

Jana: Thank you! I really wanted people to know that they weren’t alone. That we all go through hardships and that nothing in life is absolutely perfect- but that you can fight for yourself and for your relationships.  

Ultimately, we all have the ability to learn from and grow together. I just hope that my experiences will help others navigate their own!

We’re so excited about this collaboration!

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