Is it better to apply skincare on damp skin?

Myth, or reality?

There is a saying often used in the beauty and skincare industries that your face acts like a sponge. Think about it like your kitchen sponge: would your dry sponge absorb soap? Not really. Actually, the creme de la creme for your skin to properly absorb your serums is for it to be damp. It is better to apply skincare products on damp skin since it becomes more permeable and allows them to better penetrate into your skin.

HelloBody’s solution: meet the COCO Cool!

In order to help you make the best out of your skincare products, HelloBody has just launched a Refreshing Face Mist from our COCO Pure-Moisture line, called COCO Cool.

To use it, you can spritze it on your face when you need a refresher throughout the day. The COCO Cool is so gentle that you can confidently spray it over your makeup. You can also use it at the beginning of your evening skincare routine to damp your face. Doing so will help prepare your skin to better absorb whatever products you apply next, such as active ingredients or serums.

Here’s a pro-tip: place the COCO Cool in your fridge before using it. The mist will feel even more refreshing afterwards!

The formula is 99.4% from natural origin ingredients. A noteworthy ingredient is glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture from the air onto your skin to help keep your skin moisturized. Saccharide Isomerate is a fancy term for vegan hyaluronic acid, which delivers long-lasting hydration and soothing effects to your skin. Another important ingredient is of course, coconut water.

Have you already tried the COCO Cool? Have you found it better to apply skincare on damp skin? Tell us what you think in the comments below; and make sure to leave a review on the product page!

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