HelloBody’s Skincare Secret Santa 2020

Welcome, beauty! We are so excited to launch HelloBody’s first ever skincare Secret Santa. After a difficult year, we are looking to spread some holiday cheer across the U.S.- and we’d love your help!

We’ve set up our first ever Secret Santa skincare gift exchange for our community and we want you to be a part of it!

What is a Secret Santa gift exchange?

In this year’s gift exchange, participants will be anonymously paired with another skincare enthusiast to be their Secret Santa. Your Secret Santa will send a gift to you, and you will do the same! Only your Secret Santa will receive your contact and shipping information; no one else will see this information.

This is a skincare-specific community gift exchange, so please stick to skincare-related gifts!

What is the timeline?

Fill out this form by December 10th, 2020, which is the LAST day to sign up. On December 11th, you will receive an email with your giftee’s information (full name, shipping address, and any comments they wanted to share about their skin type/concerns). Once you have your pairing, you can start shopping to find the perfect gift! While this is not a HelloBody-specific gift exchange, we do ask that all gifts be of a minimum $20 value to ensure everyone receives comparable gifts.

If you are interested in being connected to your Secret Santa after the gift exchange, you can consent to do so on the sign-up form. Handles will not be shared until after Jan. 4.

We ask that you kindly ship your gift between December 12th, and December 24th for a timely delivery.

Why would I want to be a part of this?

We are looking to spread happiness, smiles, and holiday joy after a difficult year. You are in no way obligated to sign up, but feel free to share this initiative with any of your friends who love skincare and would love being connected with a larger community!

With that being said, if you do sign up, we highly encourage you to go through the process entirely. We would hate to see your Secret Santa send you a thoughtful present and receive nothing in exchange.

Do you wish to gift your favorite HelloBody product? Use the code “HBSECRETSANTA” to get $10 off your order (no order minimum).

What are the rules & conditions?

Please read HelloBody’s full terms and conditions here, and check out the additional gift rules below:

  • You must be a U.S. resident and have a valid U.S. physical address.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your gift must be a skincare-related item.
  • This is not a HelloBody exclusive gift exchange, meaning you can send a product from any other skincare brand. With that said, all gift items must be NEW, UNUSED, and preferably SEALED. This is non-negotiable. For a list of SEALED HelloBody products, scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • If you sign up, please make sure to go through the process fully at your best ability. This is a two-way gifting, and we would hate to see your Secret Santa send you a thoughtful gift and receive nothing in return!
  • To ensure a proportionate gift-giving experience for everyone, we ask everyone to commit to a minimum gift value of $20.

A list of sealed HelloBody products

Below is a list of sealed HelloBody products that we encourage you to check out to ensure your giftee’s safety. The products are: COCO Wow, COCO Pure, COCO Touch, COCO Glam, COCO Glow, COCO Melt, CARA Care, CARA Look, the ALOE Night, and the ROSE Refine.

Did you sign already? Share your excitement by tagging us at @hellobody_usa and using #HBSecretSanta hashtag.

If you have any questions about the Secret Santa program, please email margot@hellobody.com.