HelloBody Ambassador Program: FAQs

HelloBody Ambassador Program

Our HelloBody Ambassador Program is one of our favorite parts about our brand. We’ve been incredibly lucky to find so many like-minded individuals who help champion the HB values in their own lives. Our ambassadors are part of our extended HelloBody, and we’re happy to welcome any beauties who want to join the team and become part of this extended HelloBody family.

We’ve put together a series of all the HelloBody Ambassador Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Of course, if you have any additional questions for us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! We’re always here to help.

HelloBody’s Ambassador Program FAQs:

Q: So how do I sign up to be a HelloBody Ambassador?

It’s easy! We’d just need you to apply for the program here. Once our team reviews the application, you’ll be part of the HelloBody family!

Q: How does the HelloBody Ambassador Program work?

Our ambassador program is an extended referral program. Every ambassador receives a personal referral code for 30% OFF Site-Wide that they can share with their networks: whether they be friends, family, or followers. Every time their code is used to make a purchase, the ambassador gets a $20 reward!

Q: Okay, great! So how do I get started?

Once accepted, all our ambassadors receive an email with a coupon code for 50% OFF site-wide to purchase their ambassador kit. This first purchase activates their account and the referral code. After that, they can immediately start earning rewards!

Pro tip: We always advise our ambassadors to set up HelloBody accounts within the website in order to be able to track successful referrals, order histories, and check their ambassador code in case they ever need the reminder!

Q: Do I have to buy products to join the program?

Just once! Our program does require an initial purchase in order to get the ambassador account activated. That said, it can be anything you’ve had your eye on and is always at half-price. We completely understand that situations differ and have created a program that is flexible and does not require a minimum spend in order to join.

Q: I am an ambassador, but my referral code is very long. Can I get a shorter one?

Absolutely. You can contact our team to request a shorter referral code here. Please be patient as our ambassador team does receive a large number of messages and works through them as quickly as they can!

Q: Can I make a purchase using my own referral code?

Technically, our system will not block you from using your own coupon code. This said, we do not recommend you do so. Ambassadors do not earn referral rewards for purchases they have made themselves.

Instead, we make sure ambassadors receive new codes every month for any personal purchases they wish to make! While the monthly ambassador codes change, personal referral codes always remain the same!

Q: What is a good way to promote the code on social media? How often do I have to post?

We don’t have specific posting requirements! We only ask that your social account be set to “Public” so we can see your posts and engage with them as well! One of our favorite parts about this program is that our ambassadors are free to choose exactly how engaged they want to be! We completely understand that life happens and we aren’t always free to talk about skincare, so we encourage you to post whenever it feels right!

For posting ideas, you can check out our Instagram here. If you need more input, you can always send our team an email.

Q: Do I have to include #ad in my posts?

Nope! Since this is a referral program and not a promotional business deal, there’s no need to include any sponsorship-specific hashtags.

Do you have any more questions for us? Be sure to drop them in the comments, we’re here to help!

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