Are your products tested on animals?

We have never tested our formulas on animals and never will! European legislation prohibited animal testing for cosmetic products and/or separate ingredients intended for cosmetic purposes on March 11, 2013. No animal should suffer as a result of cosmetic testing!

Are your products vegan?

You will find detailed information about a product’s vegan attributes on the relevant product page of our website.
Each vegan product is clearly marked. If the word “vegan” is missing it means that the product is not vegan.
To find out which part of the formula is not vegan you can always check out the ingredients list.

Why do you not appear on the peta list?

Since March 11, 2013, animal testing for cosmetic purposes has been prohibited by European law. Because our products are made in Germany, you can be sure that none of them have been tested on animals. That’s the reason why we don’t need any special certification or PETA membership.

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