I have a skin disease. Can I still use your products?

We recommend that you first test it on a sensitive part of your body, for instance, the inside of your elbow. Caution: please do not use our products on irritated or injured skin.
Applying facial cleansers such as COCO CLEAR, COCO WOW OR ALOE TONIC can produce a tingling sensation or slight reddening of the skin. This means that the product’s active ingredients are working. Note: If you experience an unpleasant sensation, please adapt your skin care routine to your skin’s needs. For example, you could reduce the treatment time.
The composition of our products is 100% safe. They have been tested for compatibility and are compliant with EU regulations. In addition, all of our products have been dermatologically tested on normal skin at an independent German test institute, where they were rated “excellent”.
If you should experience any skin irritation like burning or persistent reddening, please rinse off the product immediately. In extreme case, consult your doctor to diagnose any possible intolerance or allergy.

A product causes a reaction on my skin. What should I do?

You will find detailed information about potentially questionable ingredients that may be contained in any of our products on the product pages of our website. We are committed never to use parabens, mineral oils and waxes, or micro plastics in any of our products.

Which perfume do you use in your formulas?

All our aromas are carefully selected and based on natural essential oils. Should you suffer from a perfume allergy, you will find detailed information about perfume allergens at the end of the products’ ingredients lists, as well as on the relevant product pages of our website.

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